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Consulting/Audit Services


Technology Audits

Technology audits examine the risk management frameworks within an Information Technology (IT) environment.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessments

Evaluation of the effectiveness and maturity of the processes and practices designed to protect technology solutions from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

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Cloud Solution Consulting

Consulting or assessing the effectiveness on the design and implementation of controls related to the governance and oversight of Cloud solutions.

Vulnerability Assessment/
​Penetration Testing

Various assessments designed to test whether client's environment can be compromised by unauthorized individuals.

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Regulatory Compliance Audits

Comprehensive audit of the effectiveness and efficiency of a client's control structures designed to ensure adherence to specific regulatory guidelines.

Merger & Acquisition Technology
Due Diligence

Consulting on the potential impacts and pitfalls that the current technology architecture of a target company could have on the success of a merger or acquisition.

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